Equipment introduction

V4-Twin Divider800 VX212

■With Double-Lane, Gravimetric® Cutting System maximizes its greatest power in variety products.

* The "Twin Divider" accurately portions the dough sheet at a desired weight or length.
* Its Gravimetric® cutting system is operable with 1 or 2 lanes, which allows wider portioning range from larger products bu 1-lane to smaller products by 2-lane cutting.
* Also, the machine is used not only as a divider, but can be utilized as a component machine of an automated production line by adding secondary forming machines.
* The Stress Free® System makes it easy to produce natural yeast breads and additive-free breads.


High quality bread can be produced
V4 System extrudes the dough sheet continuously without the use of screw or piston. By giving no excess pressure to the dough, the dough suffers no damage.

High portioning accuracy
Twin Divider has weighing cut system, Gravimetric Method, therefore the dough weight at the beginning and the end of the batch remains accurate even the dough conditions changes through the processing period.

Excellent in Small Size Portioning
By having 2-lane dividing function, it facilitates more variety in the shape of divided dough portions as shown below. Operator can freely adjust the shape of dough portion according to the required product forms.

Easy production change-over
V4 System excludes whole dough supplied in the hopper leaving no remainder in the machine. Also inside the machine stays clean because the solid materials mixed in the dough are not crushed. Consequently, easy cleaning enables easy production change-over.

Obtain High-quality Breads with Twin Divider!


Production Capacity (Max.) 800kg/h
Output Dough Width 1-lane : 130 - 150mm
2-lane : 65 - 75mm
Dividing Range 1-lane : 150 - 1200g
2-lane : 75 - 600g
Output Speed (Max.) 1-lane : 30pcs./min
2-lane : 60pcs./min
  • The specifications described above slightly according to the characteristics of dough.

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